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Intro: In this article, we are look into a detailed view on the Target EHR, the online portal of the very famous Departmental store in the States, that’s the Target Corporation. To manage and maintain the huge family of their company, they decided to handle them in means of the modern technology with the portal. Cause its not that easy to maintain order in a company with nearly 360,000 people working everyday.

Here, we will be knowing how the portal works with its benefit. Its use and clarification of the frequent queries. Hope this content would feed you with required information.

About Target EHR?


 George Draper Dayton in 1902 found this Target Corporation, that was the largest department store chain retailers ranked #8 by S&P Index in the United States. It was named Goodfellow Dry Goods with many names and branding changes until it was renamed to Target in 2000. This company earns a net revenue of $71.9 billions, employing more than 345,000 people as per the Forbes listing. Initially it was doing well in Discount listing, now the Target is known for its quality and affordable price for their products. Their core value is “Expect more, pay less”.

  And this Target EHR is a Online portal for those employees working under the Target Corporation which is based primarily in the United States. The Target EHR is eligible to access only if your are a employee or a subsidiaries of the Target Corporation. This portal enable one to access and manage the Pay stubs, payment options, Leaves and time offs, etc. 


Is Target EHR Useful?


Target EHR portal benefits its users with various perks and health plans , retirement plans and other such information. This portal allows to do a lot of things without any complications.


  • Whenever we need a time off, we have wait for the superior to appear and waste our time and energy pleading him. But thus portal make it more convenient for the employee, as the time off delegation is provided. The Time Off will be granted unless you perform well and its upto the mark.
  • Gives brief about the Pay roll before you receive to avoid mistakes from happening like the paid leave not considered, attendance doubts and so on, that can be raised to the management as an Issue / Complaint.
  • The upgrading of your personal details like, updating contacts details, Address can be done hassle free as the portal simplifies the process making it available in few clicks.
  • View My Schedule, provides information of working days, shifts with few click that is more flexible to save pay leave when you are attending a college, school or any part time job.
  • Direct Deposit request, allows to transfer fund to your account and use them for your convenience. And it allows you to view the previous month pay stubs statements with manual options or you can edit the preference to do thing Automatically.
  • Despite the Discount Card will take some time based on the target, you will receive other benefits with maximum discount saving lot of money. This can be done using the Target EHR portal by log in and clicking on Request a discount card under other section.
  • This portal allows you to get Tax Forms directly when chose Submit Tax Forms when Logged in to the account and proceed with the processes in order.

Target EHR Employee Login [How to]


Target EHR Employee Portal: this section provides detailed description of Target schedule, Log in, Target Team Member service portal and Target Helpline and Health Benefits.


Log in process is very important to enjoy the benefits and helps in updating personal information like phone number, applying for time off, etc. 


The Target Team Service Portal is the very important and main portal for employees login.


When you check into the URL, it will lead you to multiple Target Login like “secure connect”, ehr, Bulleyeshop, Target Pay & benefits etc.


Despite there being number of Log In pages, be clear of what is the purpose of logging in i.e if you are logging in to check Target Health benefits, EHR Portal or to check pay stubs. You can choose the option based on your requirement. 


Target customer Service Phone Numbers


If you wanted to raise a complaint as a guest, call 1.800.440.0680.

And an alternative is to visit the Target Help page.


Target Human Resources Phone Number: 1.800.394.1885.

This number will direct you to Target HROC (Human Resources Operations Center).

This will help you get handy information about the Target Employer Code, Work Login Number, SSN card and your username, but you have to give your information for verification purpose.


Target Health Benefits


The Target Corporation provides entire safety taking the responsibility       of its employee and his family providing health care benefits like,

  • Takes care on Dental Needs
  • Insures on Accidents and serious illness.
  • Provides 20% discount on wellness.
  • Supports on Life event Programs.
  • Vision coverage


Target Financial benefits:


  • Target Corporation also provides financial benefits for future.
  • TGT 401(k)plans
  • Vacation, National Holidays, personal days and well being time.
  • Parental leave
  • Offers 10% discount on Target and
  • Life insurance schemes
  • Identity Theft Protection


Target EHR- Target schedule Employee

 The Target EHR was introduced by Target Retailer stores in the motive of providing better service to its huge employee base. It offers numerous kind of  benefits including Pay stubs information, Pay Structure, employee benefits, health benefits and with additional benefits of viewing Schedule, holiday request, time off, etc. The access is permitted only to Target employee and the Team members and employees having different procedures to get into the service.


Listed below are the steps applicable for Target Schedule employees to sign in to the account.


  • Visit the official website of Target ERH.
  • Sign in to the account to get access to the Target Schedule.
  • Use your user ID and Password to get started.
  • This will enable you to access to the benefits of Target Schedule such as pay stubs, view schedule, holiday application, etc as you are eligible.
  • There are also different Log in Procedure for Target Team members.


Can’t Access Target EHR from home. Any Fixes?


These procedure will sort the problem form you. Follow it properly to fix the problem.


To run the Website, only use Internet Explorer as the only browser to access the functionality.

  1. Click on the ‘Gear icon’ to open the Internet Option menu.
  2. Click on “security tab”
  3. Open the Trusted site having a Check box or ticked icon and click on the right sided site.
  4. Copy paste the link in the space provided and click on ADD.



  1. Chick on Close tab and then OK.
  2. Click on the link of the Target EHR to access .
  3. This will get an error promoting to start a new a session



Click on the link to start a new session.


And, yes! You are done. The issue is fixed.


What is a LAN ID? Login Id/ Team Member Number


What is LAN ID?


The LAN ID is nothing but it your Log in or Team Member Number that helps you to Login into your account. The User ID should be a combination Letters and Numerals like 7682TG8, 346FD6

Login ID / Team Member Number

Login ID is nothing but your LAN ID or Team Member Number

Your LAN ID will usually be

  1. A combination of Letters and numbers.
  2. Used in a Target computer.
  3. Time clocks use the ID of the Team member number.
  4. This Team member Number will be in the Paycheck or the Team Member Discount Card.



One should use temporary password that is been provided  as the Password (I.e password was recently reset).


 For more help and to recover your password or any queries, contact the Client Support Center (CSC) at 612-304 – Help (4-4357).


Target EHR Password Reset


There are number of circumstances where you will find account locked for some reason where you would receive number of messages saying Unauthorized, restricted access but sometimes it stops working for no reason. You would have noticed thousands of forum posts saying, “Locked out of my Target eHR account” for no reason.


This happens when you use one computer at work and trying to access it from home using your PC, which is a simple error that occurs that can be fixed by following Troubleshooting process.


Cannot Access Target eHR from Home Error Troubleshooting


 When you are not able still solve the error after following the steps, then the only way is to change the password. This is usual and easy to solve also. Just follow the steps down, before that write down the Social Security Number and have a pen paper to note down the Temporary password.

  • Firstly, dial 1-800-394-1885 that connects you to Target HROC. (Human Resources operation Center)
  • Provide your Social Security Number.
  • Then offer them with the other required details like, team member, date of birth, etc.
  • Once you give them the required details, they supply with the temporary password. You can use them and login.


Target Employee Uniform

There have been a lot of arguments regarding the uniform of the Target Employee. So to clear, with a lot of discussion and clarification its been concluded that the Target Employee Uniform is the Red T- Shirt with any random pants or jeans and anything.  And firstly, their uniform was designed to reduce the embarrassment among their customers and to easily identify these Target Employee easily.


The pant color is not something very particular that they notice. Its not always mandatory that a Khaki pants is needed, any full length pant, jean or trouser will be done. The full length pant idea, is just from us as there were lot of queries on the forum regarding inappropriate dressing and it results. So its always fine to be enough dressed according to the place.


In an alternative course one can substitute the Red T-Shirt with any Red Cardigan or Red Zip – Up Hoodie as it is for khaki pants. To tell about shoes, its preferable to use any closed toe shoe, sneakers are most welcomed, but no sandals or flats heels and on. And your dressing should not promote any political or religion offenses.


So now, a question will obviously rise. What about Piercing tattoos and Hair colors? This purely depends on the store you works, few store accept it and few don’t. The outfit of the Target Employees are acceptable unless its been offensive. Its always better to enquire the store owner before doing any styling.




Hope this content was a fulfilling attempt covering almost all the information about the online portal of the Target EHR. This article focused on the employee benefits and queries.


To the kind notice of the readers, we are in no way related to the Target corporation in any means. This is an independent site not its affiliates. We don’t ask for any of your personal information. This was purely to sort and solves the queries regarding the online portal of Target Corporation, I.e the Target EHR. And the content provided is only for educational and informational purpose. And the logo of Target Bullseye, Target are all Trademarks of the Target corporation.


This site is purely to educate our readers with detailed information on the most needed content with a lot of confusion and queries. Know more and Enjoy reading.